What's Your SCORE?
Security Compliance and Operational Risk Exposure
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Do you have an inventory?
When was your inventory last reviewed, updated or verified ?
Does your inventory include....
ARCHITECTURE - do you have network diagrams with dataflows and connections?
ARCHITECTURE - when were your network diagrams last reviewed, updated or verified ?
STRATEGY - do you have an IT and/or Cybersecurity Strategy?
STRATEGY - When was was your IT and/or Cybersecurity strategy last updated?
AUDITS - have you had an IT and/or Cybersecurity Audit?
AUDITS - When was the most recent one conducted?
AUDITS - what was the type of the MOST RECENT audit?
AUDITS - where all findings addressed?
TESTING - have you conducted penetration or vulnerability testing?
TESTING - When was the most recent one conducted?
TESTING - where all findings addressed?
CONTINUITY OF OPERATIONS - Have you conducted Incident Response (IR)/Disaster Recovery (DR) testing?
CONTINUITY OF OPERATIONS - When was the most recent one conducted?
CONTINUITY OF OPERATIONS - where all findings addressed?
CYBERSECURITY INSURANCE - Do you have an insurance policy in case of cyber attack or data breach?
CYBERSECURITY INSURANCE - When was it most recently updated?